Nokia Ring Tone

[Orthodox Jewish synagogue in Presov Slovakia – Lukáš Kmiť plays the viola – by Milan Ferencik/Greatmilan & Jakub Hasko/CTZ Films]


Dear Family & Friends, 

Try the link above or Google “Nokia Ring Tone” and you can find the link to Youtube.  Please watch it before you ready any further:  It will take only one minute of your time!

The musician is most certainly a gentleman.  He extended grace to the person who created the interruption.  Mr. Kmit is brilliant, educated, cultured, and devoted to his art. He  has invested decades of his life to the study and mastery of performing beautiful classical music.  Imagine how disappointed Mr. Kmit was, to hear the “ring-tone” disturb the beauty and grandeur of the silence at the end of the musical offering.  And this was not merely a concert; the setting for the concert was an Orthodox Jewish Synagogue!

Stop and think for a moment:  Are you like the inconsiderate concert-goer?

Before, during, and after Worship, are you the “person-with-the-cell-phone-on,” the one who cannot disengage the culture for even one brief hour?

Are you the undisciplined one, who interrupts the silence of Worship in the Sanctuary, perhaps not with a “ring-tone,” but with ceaseless chatter, yakking, and whispering to his/her neighbor?

Or, do you “turn the cell-phone off” before you enter the Sanctuary?

Better yet, do you disengage from the culture (and technology) and leave the cell-phone and other distractions at home or in your vehicle?

Do you practice the discipline of being silent, in order to worship the One True Living Holy Trinity?

The Hebrew Scriptures declare, “The Lord is in His holy temple: Let all keep silent before Him!”

Be awed into silence before his beauty and majesty.

Leave the culture behind, before you step into the Sacred Space of the Sanctuary.

Walk in slowly, reverently, and silently.  Dip your hand into the Baptismal Font and remember your Baptismal vow.

Bow as you face the Eucharistic Table and the Cross.

Sit in the pew, kneel, pray. Be silent, reverent, and respectful of this holy hour.

You are in the Presence of the King.  He calls us into His Presence, as the Body of Christ, to offer our corporate Worship.

The Holy Trinity calls us to worship, as the Body of Christ, as a people “set apart,” sanctified.

He calls us into the Sanctuary, the sacred space where heaven and earth intersect.

He calls us to receive this one hour, which is sacred time, and to honor Him with that hour.

Let us practice the discipline of silence during this Lenten Season:

Come let us enter in silence, as we prepare for the Liturgy and The Mystery of Faith:  We remember his death, We proclaim his resurrection, We await his coming in glory.

Only in silence, will we hear the Music of the Spheres.

Only in awe and reverence, will we Sing with the Angels.

Coram Deo,



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